VB Developer needed

First off, I am an individual - not a company, so I have a limited budget for this application.

I need a VB programmer that can tell me A) Can my project be done and B) How much will it cost to be completed.

Here's the generics of it.

I want to build a Win32 client application that will take data filled out in a VB form and post it to multiple non-affiliated web sites.

An example of this would be a search engine submission tool where you enter several fields of data into the interface and HTTP posts are sent to the several search engine sites.

The catch, some of the sites being submitted to, use session IDs, etc.

Additionally, the VB form has about 30 fields to be filled out. I will need a method of mapping the fields on the VB form to the fields on the web post.

So with that limited information if you know how to do HTTP posts with a VB application contact me.




  • Hi Jason,

    I would be interested in finding out more about what you want as I believe that your project is possible and fairly easy to accomplish.

    I have been programming in VB for the web for about two years now and have pretty good experience with this sort of thing, just not the multiple posts part of it. However I am willing to find out more if you want to send me a proper spec, I can put something together.... my email is shaun@sbcomp.fsnet.co.uk


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