starting visualization fullscreen

hi guys,

on winamp invoking shortcut key "ctrl+shift+k" starts the visualization plugin in a windowed mode. is there a way to start winamps visualization plugin in fullscreen? not windowed?




  • If the plug in doesn't support fullscreen, you can't. If it support, search in the .ini file which is the configuration file of th eplug in
  • The Visualization-Studio from Winamp is able to do much more things. When u start the Plug-In, make a double-click on it and you'll see the preferences. There you can configure the mode (windowed or fullscreen). But this tool can do much more. You can show the plug-in as the windows-bakcground. I am not able to show you how, because I am at work and here I have no winamp. But when I am at home again I'll look my preferences.


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