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I am making a car game in directX 8. It has a birds eye view like Grand Theft Auto. Anyway i got the car movement going but now when the car moves foward a bit and i turn the car doesn't turn from its center but the screens center. Can someone plz help. I have put up a link to my script so u can look at the code. It's made in Visual C++ and is 100kb in size.:-)


  • Didn't seek out the code (cant do that from here); but you might want to know that rotation always go around (0,0). So if you want to translate something that is at (x,y) with x != 0 != y You should translate the whole thing to (0,0), perform the rotation and translate it back. In fact, what you want is to translate the rotation axis to (0,0) because sometimes you don't want to rotate around the center.

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