Concept Artists Needed

Some of you may criticize this post because it seems just like another MMORPG out of the 100s that people are making. If you hold that attitude, then I guess this isn't for you. If you're interested in any opportunities you can get, then read on.

I'm in a small but growing team of developers in the design phase of an MMORPG currently entitled Abandoned (subject to change). We're not a commercial dev team or anything. It'll take 2 - 3 years to complete it. I realize the amount of MMORPGs out there that are being developed (just take a look at this forum), but we just think we can do better.

We're still in the design phase of it (which should take a long time), so we need a concept artist (or a few). Being able to do 3D modeling is a plus as well, since we could use you later on.

We can't pay (right now - possibly not ever). It'll be hard, but if you want to be apart of a group of underdogs who just want to create an MMORPG that focuses on content and great features, not just more spells and classes, give us an email with some of your work: (lead programmer) AND (programmer/community guy)

You only have to spend a small amount of your free time on it.

Just to give you an idea of what it's about, I'll give you a basic idea of the plot. Through a long story of events, the Earth and many of it's colonies become destroyed. One ship, named the Brace of Ruin, managed to land on a small moon (unnamed so far). There, the last survivors of humanity now have a new colony. The game starts about 100 years after they landed there, and there are already a few very large cities. It's a sci-fi game with some medieval elements and heavy encouragement of role playing. Of course, that's a very short summary of the plot, and I didn't even go into detail about the actual key elements - PvP, death, clans, and all that.

Thanks for your time. I think that pretty much covers it all.


  • I have little exp in comp .but i have got the taste for varied games and i play a lot of if u think u can give me a chance pls mail me...


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