3D Floors/Walls with bitmaps...

SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USA
Hello, people. I can't figure out how to transform a 256x256x16bpp bitmap into a parralellogram to look 3D in a game I am working on. I have the engine up, and can easily load and display textures, but it will show just what it loaded, a square image. There goes any depth perception. Here is what I would like to figure out how to do.

Change this square bitmap:

| |
| |
| |

Into this:

| |

I can successfully stretch images with StretchBlt (this is a Windows game) and display it, but shape transformation I cannot do. If it helps, this engine is going to be an older-style engine (like on Dungeon Hack) that uses a matrix (50x50) to detect walls/collisions, and the player can only face in the four primary directions (n/e/w/s). Thanks in advance to any help that I can get.



  • OpenGL could be the answer. It's quite easy to learn and it can display your bitmap easily as 2 triangles. If your using Visual Basic I'm not sure how to use OpenGL but with Visual C/C++ or Dev-C++ it's easy...

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