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Hi, me and a friend are starting out with c++ and we wanted to make a 3d chat program to start out with, where we can move around and do little things like play catch....But we dont really have any good programming background skills. Any good suggestions?



  • Hi,

    take one advice! Begin simple. So just start on some other things like a 3D chat box. Make a simple game 2D game to try out you're programming ability. After you made a couple of these games you create an scrolling game of somthing like that. After that you can do 3D graphics and make you're chat room. The simple 2D games are for you a way to learn to program. You just can't make an chatroom with almost zero programming Xperience. Most of the gameprogrammers have years of Xperience and even they begun with simple platform games. For xample, try to make an arkanoid clone(You control an paddle and you must destroy all blocks using a ball. I tried it in the beginning of my programming with the Idea of: I gonna make a game cause it can't be that hard. WRONG!!!! It's harder than you think. So it;s crucial that what ever you make, the whole cyclus is:
    70% planning
    10% coding
    20% debugging

    Before you make you're chatroom make actionlists, PSD and sort of. If you don't know what a PSD or actionlist is you can mail me.

    Sand Hawk ( )

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