How to disable rightclicking in my Delphi-project? I dont want to have my users printing my Flash-project.

if you = dumb-ass then


  • Hi,
    if i have got you correctly then you want the print option to be diasbled well heres one way

    Open or make active the movie that you want to publish.
    If the Frame panel isn't visible onscreen, choose Modify > Frame.
    Select the first keyframe in the main Timeline.
    In the Frame panel, for Label enter !#p to specify the frame as nonprinting.
    You need to specify only one !#p label to dim the Print command in the context menu.

    that should do
    you asked something about rightclicking what exaclty do u want ?
    in flash there is a way in which you could diable the menu which comes when you right click.

    tell me thats what u r looking for


  • I want no menu when you rightclick.


  • Ok mozez,
    heres how u do it,

    1. If you are using flash 4.0

    on the first layer > first frame, after you insert a key frame right click go to properties
    Once the frame properties box comes up go to actions and click the plus sign,
    now choose FS Command
    You will find 3 field to your right in the same properties box

    first one says Command; where in you type "showmenu"
    second one says argument: where in you type "false"
    third says standalone leave it as it is

    save your stuff and test the movie you wont have any menu appearing..

    Flash 5.0 its a bit different but let me know if u need for flash 5.0 and if u need a sample file which i could send to u hardly a kb in size

    happy flashin

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