Programming Numlock and ScrollLock


I need to program some software to listen/test for either of Numlock, scrolllock or caps LED's or the on/off states. The OS is linux. The software runs under linux. The language is similar to basic and C. Does anyone know what scancodes these buttons are or how I might go about doing this?

The software takes input from the keyboard(programmable type) and depending on this input, processes it in a particular way.
All the keys are programmable. The Scroll/Num/Caps define the
levels. I need to test for what level, and also to tell the system that it is to go to a particular level. I also need to test for a combination of Caps/Scroll/Numlock states.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Well, in general the status of the keyboard LEDs is saved in the keyboard statusword.It is located in memory at 0040:0017h.
    The Bits 3-5(Im not sure,try it) control the LEDs.When this BITs are set,the LED is on.IMPORTANT: Don`t change the other bits,or your machine may crash,and the keyboard doesnt work properly until reboot.But Im not sure wether you could access BIOS-segment under LINUX (PROTECTED MODE!!!).But Im sure it works in Realmode or Ring-0 from protected mode.

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