Table Text Formatting & Setting PPT Slide Size with Respect to Content Scaling using .NET

Aspose team is happy to share the announcement of Aspose.Slides for .NET 17.1.0. It has included support for some of much awaited new features in this releases along with resolution of outstanding issues. Earlier, if users needed to alter the text formatting for table rows or columns, users needed to traverse through every row or column respectively for setting the text formatting. Now, Aspose.Slides offers a new feature for setting the text format on table level , row level, columns level. User can also set the slide size by using it with different ways of content scaling. Please visit the documentation article, Setting the Slide Size with respect to Content Scaling for further details. Now, Users can also use the custom chart data label values from chart data workbook as well. This release has resolved the issues related to presentation saving which earlier resulted in missing or wrong fonts, missing headers, improper text, missing hyperlinks and wrong line styles for shapes in saved presentations. It has also addressed the presentation access and saving issues have been rectified for many presentation decks that resulted in exceptions including NullReferenceException, ArgumentException, NotImplementedException and PptxReadException in previous releases. It has also improved the presentation rendering support in this release and have resolved certain issues related to missing or improper text rendering, missing images, missing charts and its entities in generated PDF, HTML and slide thumbnails outputs. This list of new, improved and bug fixes in this release are given below

• Support for Value from Cells feature for chart data labels
• Support for bulk setting text properties for whole table, row or column
• Set and control text spellcheck language using Aspose.Slides
• Add support for changing language of presentation and shape's text
• Using locale for setting the language
• Language property for textboxes
• Changing slides orientation has no effect on contents
• Changing font related properties in master slide not getting applied
• Setting multi-level chart categories not working
• Unexpected subscript effect on saving presentation
• Exception on converting ppt to pptx or pptm
• Pptx not properly converted to html
• Pptx to pdf conversion giving OutOfMemoryError
• Text are improperly rendered in generated PDF
• EMF images are not properly rendered in generated pdf
• Embedded fonts are not getting copied when cloning slide
• Exception on generating thumbnails
• Problem with content in result file after saving Ppt to Pptx
• Cylinder drawing is changed after loading and saving a ppt
• Meta files are improperly rendered in generated thumbnails
• Character misplaced after converting to svg
• Cell border not generated as double line
• Icon missing after converting slide to svg
• Text in pptx document not justified properly
• Bullets changes while converting odp to pdf
• Creating charts from sql server table
• Slide orientation went wrong
• Thumbnails output cropped
• Shapes with FillType.Group missing in the generated thumbnail
• Text is improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
• Bullet space changed after saving ppt
• Pptx changed after converting to pdf
• Exception on saving presentation
• Text is not being rendered when exporting slides as thumbnails
• High memory consumption while converting pptx to pdf
• Incorrect character positioning in HTML representation of the presentation document in Safari for iOS
• Equations are improperly rendered in generated PDF and thumbnails
• Chart title appears on pptx to html
• Incorrect chart on generated pdf
• Date changed to asterisk when saving presentation
• DataPoints of scattered chart are not showing in the generated image file
• Y Axis Labels are not correct in the generated image file
• Images are not rendered in HTML to PPTX Import
• Exception on Opening the PPTX file. Error unexpected font parsing exception
• Ppt to Pptx conversion disturbs equations
• Improper gradient fill export for geometry shapes
• Improper DrBrush is used when exporting gradient filled text to PDF
• Gradient brush is incorrectly formed when exporting gradient-filled text
• PPTX to PDF: Text is missing in generated PDF file
• Footer not Visible when setting using Metacharacters
• Chart improperly rendered in generated PDF
• Protected view error message on generating PPT form Aspose.Slides
• Improper thumbnail generated for PPT
• Default font related properties are set when copying slide notes
• Index out of range exception on accessing presentation
• Picture is missing in notes page on presentation save
• Equations text overlap in the generated PDF
• Mathematical equation are improperly rendered in exported PDF

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release



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