C++ Question Needs Aswers

I need help with this question, please. I'm a beginner.

Question: Write a function change that accepts an int array as the first parameter, and another int parameter for the length of that array and an int value as a third parameter. The function will store the integer value into the last element of the array. The original array SHOULD change. As an example, given the array
int x = {5, 4, 9, 42};
The following call to your function change
change(x, 4, 14);
should change the value of the last element of the array to 14.


  • This is what I could come up with but it's not correct;

    int change(int x [], int length, int value)
    X [length-1] = &value;
    Return x [];

  • void change(int x[], int len, int val) {
      x[len-1] = val;
  • Hey iam a beginner 'i need to know different btn privet and public in c++ and when we use them

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