What is the difference between $name and $$name in PHP?

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What is the difference between $name and $$name in PHP?


  • Double dollar sign makes a variable with the name equal to value of original variable.

    $var = 'foo';
    $$var = 'bar';
    echo $foo; // output: bar
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    $name is variable where as
    $$name is reference variable like $name=swati
    and $$name=tyagi so $swati value is tyagi

    Example with output
    $a="Swati Tyagi";
    echo $$xyz

    Output would be :
    //Swati Tyagi

    For more precise answer Difference between $name and $$name in PHP

  • $$name is a variable generates runtime 
    $$name ='feras';

    now we have two variable the first one $name and the second one $osama

    echo $osama ;
    the output  is :  feras

    $this is a special variable that can't be assigned .but you can declare $this variable using "$$"


    $$name ='feras';
    echo $this;
    the output  will be :  feras

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