calculate string length

can you help me here,
when a string like "whatisthis" is passed it gives correct length,
but if string like "what is this" is passed, it returns length as 4 only.


include <stdio.h>

int str_len(char *s)
int i;
for(i = 0; *s != '\0'; s++)
return i;

int main()
char a[100];


printf("input string %s \n",a);

printf("input string %s length is %d \n",a,str_len(a));

return 0;



  • scanf with %s accepts only string which does not contain whitespaces. You can do it like this scanf("%[\^n]", a). String will be read until newline \n.

    I suggest using fgets(line, LINE_MAX, stdin) instead because scanf does not have buffer overflow protection.

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