Any advised on where should I start learning programming on Assembly ?

Hi Everyone,

Please I really wanted to learn assembly language. I have ample of time in my office and I want to spent on it to study and learned assembly I have read a lot of books, ebooks and even Video tutorial on assembly but I can't find the answer, I'm still confused. I have an intel i7 laptop with Windows 7 64 bit, I installed NASM,MASM and I have as well a debug which it runs on my virtual computer since it will worked only on 32 bit mode with Windows XP on it.. any suggestion regarding assembly books for beginners, reference, online site, videos, etc... I don't know if I'm using the correct software for assembly. I have a background programming with Pascal, VB 6,HTML and little C. Which one is better for learning assembly language, is it on Linux or Windows?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys,


  • Non of the language skills you have now, come close to programming in assembler

    The problem is that any of the previous languages, are high level languages (except for html, which is just a markup language) where as assembler is a low level programming language.

    You can run assembler both on linux and windows, just syntaxis wise there are some differences. What may work on Linux will not necessarelly work on windows...

    I guess this looks like an okay place to start

  • dlanorfeb24dlanorfeb24 Philippines

    Thanks a lot Icepickle...

  • try

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