How create a rich UI javaScript web app with nodejs?

I want to build a web app with Node.js using JavaScript. I don't know which javascript UI libraries can be integrated with node.js


  • JadokJadok Nantes, France

    the Jade js framework is good to do the front end of your website. Carefull node.js is only for the server part.

  • olioli
    edited June 2014

    I might be late but...
    I think you should go for Angularjs for the front-end

    • great "compatibility" with nodejs
    • two-way data binding : for example instant facebook search ( no more DOM few )
    • code divided in controllers, routes
    • you can teach html new tricks with directives
    • created by google so great support (i'm not from google lol)

    I don't know jade js framework but jade template engine is that what you meant?
    Here are some great links to get started
    - "angular in 20ish minutes" on youtube
    - Some tutos and repos on how to get started with angularJS front-end + node.js backend (with express ) (+jade templating :p), also one on which are damn useful

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