Help !!! Can any body explain me the below posted assembky instruction

< #include

int main()
int a,b=6,c=6;
00000000 push ebp
00000001 mov ebp,esp
00000003 sub esp,0Ch
00000006 cmp dword ptr ds:[002530E4h],0
0000000d je 00000014
0000000f call 601453E1
00000014 xor edx,edx
00000016 mov dword ptr [ebp-8],edx
00000019 xor edx,edx
0000001b mov dword ptr [ebp-4],edx
0000001e xor edx,edx
00000020 mov dword ptr [ebp-0Ch],edx
00000023 mov dword ptr [ebp-8],6
0000002a mov dword ptr [ebp-4],6


  • ...hmmm... I thought I already posted to this.

    The dword ptr's are pointers to locations in memory where the variables are. The ebp-X, are pointing to sequential variables, meaning they are next to each other in memory, which means they may be part of an array, or they may just coincidentially be next to each other.

    Hope this helps,

    Jeff C

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