Web Interface for Exsting Delphi Application

I have an existing Delphi application that uses SQL Server. It's a huge information system so rewriting it is not an option.

I would like to create a web interface for the application so that it can be used in a browser by a client on the web using any device.

The application already has all the Delphi code to get things done, and I would like re-use the code, i.e. I just want to create a new 'interface' that runs through a web browser.

Does anyone know how I can do this?


  • hi,.

    i know you don't want to re-create it, but i don't think you have another choice.
    if you just want to show results in a HTML, then it's really nothing, but i'm sure you would like some "interactivity", so you have to make it as a web application - and that would require you to rewrite a big portion of the program, or at least re-design a lot of it.

    The Intraweb IS the answer for you !

    Intraweb, is a framework written by AToZed (those who wrote the Indy).
    it was called "VCL for the web" when it started in Delphi 7.

    you just write Delphi program and the result is a Web Application!
    this application can be a Stand Alone Web Server,
    or an ISAPI program inside an existing web server.
    REALLY cool thing!

    i created 2 Stand-Alone-Server-Applications and it looks really good.
    it still have some bugs, and it's not super fast, but still for a programmer who came from Delphi6-Win32-BDE-Paradox, to a DelphiXE2-Intraweb-Firebird - the difference is VERY big, and it let me do things i didn't think i could do, because i never wanted to learn any kind of web-programing(and i still don't...).

    here you can find a VERY GOOD and VERY active forum, that some of the people who answer are REALLY those who created the intraweb:

    another option could be UniGUI (www.UniGUI.com).
    but even though this one is REALLY cool, i'm not so sure it is "mature" enough as the Intraweb.

    i hope i helped (and sorry for my broken english...)
    Eitan Arbel
  • Thank you.

    I've started using ItraWeb. It seems to be what I was looking for.
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