forming team for "Rebellious"

Rebellious is a project I have been working on for a couple of weeks now. I have been developing the storyline and various maps for weeks now all on my own and now I am looking to form a team.
We hope to bring a demo out soon to get people exited about Rebellious and things are looking good but not really professional , I need a team of game developers to help out and to make my dream a reality!

Rebelliouse is a RPG about the recession gone horribly wrong in Ireland. Revolution has struck the land and the cities teenagers have formed a paramilitary called the (T.A)Teenagers Alliance. They fight for the "New Irish Goverment" along with the I.R.A against a force sent to Ireland by the UN called "NATO Ireland". The maps will include Dublin's suburbs and Inner city.

If you have any experiance in game design or if you're interested in helping out please contact me, ciar
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