How to move the mouse cursor with the keyboard

What is the problem my code?

[code]stacksg segment para stack 'stack'

stacksg ends

datasg segment para 'data'

msg db "A. $", 0
datasg ends

codes segment para 'code'
assume ss:stacksg, ds:datasg, cs:codes
mov ax, datasg
mov ds, ax
;------------ ur programm

mov al,4
mov bh,0
int 10h

mov bh,0
mov bl,1001b
mov ah,0Bh
int 10h

mov ax,0
int 33h

mov ax,01h
int 33h

;mov dx,101h
;mov cx,161h

mov ah,10h
int 16h
cmp al,48h ;up key (arrow) 24dec
je lable
cmp al,50h ;Down key (arrow) 24dec
je lable2

mov ax,03h
int 33h

mov ax,04h
int 33h
dec dx
cmp dx,0
jne lable1

mov ax,03h
int 33h

mov ax,04h
int 33h
inc dx
cmp dx,199h
jne lable1

;------------ end of program
mov ax, 4c00h
int 21h

codes ends
end [/code]


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