Game Team Needed

I have a couple of ideas for some computer games, but all I can do is program. If anyone would like to help me develop these games it would be appreciated. I need somebody who can do 3D graphics(Modeling, animation, texturing, terrain, ect.) and somebody who can make music. These games may or may not be commercial and even if they are not, eventually we will make one that is.


  • Good day

    Now I've been on and off from programmers heaven since 2002. Since the very first day i was on here I tried to assemble a gaming team back on the old site... I recently found some extra time again and I would love to help out.

    My strengths are ideas, programming, more specifically menus saving and loading settings ect. graphics on the other hand is not a strong suit although I would be keen if someone could show me some ropes...

    I'm a skilled programmer and I can always think of solution to a problem. Background is over 20 years on pascal 10+ years in delphi and number about 5 effective years of c and c# and C++ and vb (I still need some getting use to some syntax)

    I've made some games myself although the graphics SUCK, tower defence games, tile strategy games (with AI, not very smart but good enough) Multiplayer board games (network and on screen multiplayer).

    Well I do hope we can get this started, I think it be a brilliant thing

    O yeah I'm from South Africa
    Darkwing Duck aka DWduck signing off :)
  • Go with . I have worked with them and very good experience ...

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