Rate my lil Graph tetris game

So I'm rather new to this old coding language ( have to learn it for some school stuff ) and my homework is to make a little tetris game in graph. The game will be graded so please give me some feedback how it was coded. The grade doesn't depend on the game, it depends on the construction of the source code. (included). This is my first try to make a game as I always coded tools and utilities. So what do you think? It has a lot of bugs like the high scores wich I just started implementing so don't use it. It has something like a background debugging engine wich you can see in the source code. I used it for getting into some situations fast to test for bugs.

W - up
S - down
A - left
D - right

yea I should've used the arrow keys but when I started coding it I was in class and had no internet connection to check the ascii codes. Will replace that later.

and keep in mind that i'm just a 17 years old student :p

the file is too large to put it as attachment (it has music :D) so I uploaded it to mediafire



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