The CImg Library : C++ templated image processing library

For some of you interested by demo coding,
there's an image processing library called CImg,
that compiles some interesting demo effects in its sample program
(light bump effect, bouncing bubble, plasma, 3d landscape, fractals,...)

The interesting thing is that this library is multiplateform,
doesn't require DirectX or OpenGL at all, and that it is very simple
to use.
Effects programming is very compact (only few lines), it's like a pseudo code when you read the C++ source. Very useful (I think) to learn graphic programming and to create quick effects. This is not especially a demo programming ressource, but it helps for learning on demo-programming.


  • Hi,
    I integrated CImg.h file into my project but it gives me so many error. I integrate the CImg.h into QNX IDE for BB10.but it gives me error related to prepossessing.

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