Which Language to Learn?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to programming, and just want some advice on which language to learn. I've narrowed down my options to Java, C++, and C#. I just want to know what the pros and cons of each language are, and your opinion on the best/most useful language. I'm not familiar with programming jargon, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could keep it to a minimum. Thanks in advance!


  • If you look for work, C# would be your primary chocice, closely following with java. C++ is far behind.

    Now, depends what you want to write.
    - For buisness aplications (for example any kind of calendar, home bugdget helper, chats, etc) I would recommend C# with dot.net.
    - For games you need C++. C# and java are an option, but much more community help will come with c++.
    - For mobile devices you will propably end up with Java. C++ is in some cases an option, but IMO it is not worth it.
    - As for web, i have no much experience. You have actually to choose between java and C# . Limiting it to those two, I would choose C# - aspx and dot net looks a bit more newbie friendly.

    This all comes with small assumption - you are working on Windows operating system.

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