Win32 Cryptography in C


I'm a newcomer to the world of computer programming. Although I already have a relatively good understanding of C, I'm really lost trying to create a simple program in which I could encrypt a plain text file and also to decrypt the same text file in another computer which have the same program installed. I already searched all MSDN topics and articles and none could give a subtle introduction to the topic. All of them assumes that you are already well versed in cryptography.
I would like that my program load a text file and then the client has two buttons, one to encrypt and another to decrypt. Can anyone shed some light on how I could do this? I already know how to program the window with the menus, buttons and even an "about" dialog, but I'm really lost on how to implement the Crypto API on a program.
If anyone could give me some hints I would really appreciate.

Tnx in advance!
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