repeating in pascal

hi! i have exercise to create x and y value table from this function: y=4x^3-2x^2+5 and x goes from -3 to 1, but by step 0.1 (so the x is -3; -2,9; -2.8;....0,8; 0,9; 1); i got this far:

program numbers;
var x, y:integer;
write('function y=4x^3-2x^2+5');
writeln('x values:');
for x:=-3 to 1 do
writeln(x); __________//at this plase i need that x goes -3; -2.9; -2.8 not -3; -2; -1

writeln('y values') _____//and this part i need to get in column, next to x column and also i cant get that program puts all x values from -3 to 1 in x place and shows all y values

and i also think that i cant use the integer; cause i will use 0,..; but when i replace integer with real there is error "invalid FOR control variable"
if you can something suggest, please repeat :)


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