Transfer of cell contents into an Excel file property


Can you please kindly help me to solve the below interesting issue? (I will make my best to make myself understood, which is sometimes very difficult)

I need to see DIRECTLY in Windows Explorer (I use Win Xp) what is contained in the cell A1 on Worksheet1 of an Exel file (most often, the contents of the cell is a date in special Excel date format = yyyy-mm-dd, but sometimes the contents is a text). The purpose of all this is to sort Excel files (according to the contents A1 of the particular file) directly in Windows Explorer without the need for opening the files.

I hope that this could be realizable by transferring the contents of the cell into one of the standard Excel file properties that can be seen in )Windows Explorer) Details View (eg. Description, Subject or any other property) every time on saving the Excel file.

In addition:
- If the contents of the cell is "preserve", the Excel file property should be left as it was before I opened the file.
- If the contents of the cell is "delete", the Excel file property should be (strange to read)deleted.
On saving the Exel file, whose cell A1 in Worksheet1 contains


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