Programmers (& artists) needed for Facebook game development

Independent video game start-up company is looking for artists and programmers to help work on a game for Facebook. Team members are compensated with stock in the company.

2D Artist
Additional programmers

We are based in Santa Barbara, California but our team members can work from anywhere.

For more information about our group, open positions, and how to contact us, visit


  • experience is great, but not a requirement. Ability and passion for your role is more important. If you are willing to learn/improve the skills & tools necessary to get your job done, then our team would love to have your help. These are the positions we need most right now:
    2D Artist: We need someone to serve as a sprite artist and a map artist. Artists will create animated characters and objects for the game. They will also create static art objects for the game map (such as buildings and terrain images). They may also help with interface creation, such as making game menus.
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