need a help with the compilation

Can anyone please help me understand the meaning of the following compilation line on the command line ..

[color=Blue]csc DrawDemo.cs DrawingObject.cs Circle.cs Line.cs Square.cs[/color]

there are actually 4 files in here .. but i just wanna know what the compiler will actually do ..
thanks in advance ..


  • Its quite clear the above command is used to
    convert the source code(which is in english human readable form) to
    the machine understandable form(in this context CLR).

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  • thanks a lot.. your help is appreciated..
    i get what u said .. even i java whenever we compile .. the human readable code is converted into machine language[.class file]

    but what i actually want to know is, is there a difference in the 2 lines :
    [italic][color=Blue]csc file1.cs file2.cs file3.cs[/color][/italic]
    [italic][color=Purple]csc file1.cs[/color][/italic]

    if yes.. whats the difference ??
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