bool array

Hello people,
I am using Turbo-C

Can anyone give me a sample program using the bool array

I tried compiling the following code snippet. But it doesnt work.


int main()
bool a[10]={true};

Hello World");


It gives the error [b]Undefined Symbol bool[/b].

But something peculiar i noticed is that,
when i declare an int (or any other data type for that matter ), its highlighted in white, but bool is not highlighted.
Is it that my Turbo-C is not able to recognize bool ?

Please reply


  • I don't think bool is a valid type in TC; if you're saving your source as .c, then you might try a typedef statement.

    bool may be valid in c++ though... I can't recall. to check, try saving your source with a .cpp extension and use the standard cpp headers.

  • You need to store an array of true and false values in your C# program. We find that bool arrays are generally ideal for this purpose, as they are simple and acquiesce for safe and bright code.
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