Best Book/Resources To Learn C++?

Hey friends,I am a complete newbie in programming c++,know a bit of c language just the basics not advance thing.I was just googling and came here.

Now I want to learn c++ from scratch to advance level nomatter how much time it will take,so can you suggest few good books saw other threads as well but there are so many books got confused which one to read.I know everyone suggested according to their experience but its kinda confusing for a newbie.isnt it?Read somewhere complete reference by herbert shildt is good but read at few forums that its not good and not recommended

Now experts plz tell me a good book which covers all c++ basics and fundamentals my queries like how to design softwares that work on windows and how to make it for linux as well.

Like it always surprise me developers write code separately for all os or they just change the extension like a software is there for windows in exe and same is there for mac in dmg or say linux in rpm so do they write separate codes or just change the extension then how

And what is the difference in c++ and visual c++,what are the pros and cons of both like why we use c++ and why visual c++


  • [color=Blue]Some excellent books are here:

    You need:
    "Thinking in C++ Volume 1"
    "Thinking in C++ Volume 2"

    Of course, Linux is diffreent system, so the source code must be re-compiled to build binaries (EXE files) for Linux, instead of Windows. However, to do this - the source code must contain some code, which changes if you change compiler settings - read about the "#define"/"#ifdef" statements from C language - it allows to replace parts of code with different code, so the same source can be re-compiled for both Windows and Linux just by changing one compiler setting.

    As for Visual C++ - the differences are not that big. VC++ has some C++ extensions, which standard C++ does not have:

    Also, VC++ has excellent tools, like debugger or form designer. They are very good and allow to build quality applications quickly.
  • I already got thinking in c++ in pdf format in one forum saw few starting pages but dont know if its a good start as there discussed functions and namespace in the beginning dont know if its good for freshers.

    Yup I know windows and linux both are different compilers are different if I am using the linux compiler output would be linux compatible so in which language compilers are written?How they made it separately for windows and linux using which language as the extension are different for both.

    Thanks for all your reference links
  • [color=Blue]I do not understand your question "in which language compilers are written?". Compilers are EXE files - they can be written in any language. There is no connection between language compiler is written with and language which compiler "understands". C++ compiler can be written using BASIC - it will be slower, but it will work.[/color]
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