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Hi all,

I don


  • Yes, getting the controls in VB.NET is a very tricky thing indeed, one of the few disadvantages of .NET compared to Classic. The following page gives one of the easiest methods I've found for doing it:


    Hope this will help you to achieve what you need. Dai

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  • Sorry, but i couldn
  • That's strange, I used the link command and that actually stopped the link displaying, never mind, have pasted the link text again. Regards, Dai

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  • Hi,
    You might want to try this peace of code I came across. It'll find the object by string/name and return the object which you can iterate through if you need.

    [color=Blue]Private Function getfromFromName(ByVal FormName As String) As Object
    Dim oRetForm As Object = Nothing
    Dim oType As Type = _
    If oType IsNot Nothing Then
    oRetForm = Activator.CreateInstance(oType)
    End If

    Return oRetForm

    End Function[/color]

  • This post has been deleted.
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