How do i assign keys (I

Hi! exuce me for my bad english, hope your understand.

I need som help with my school projekt (making 2d fighting game) and i appreciate all help I can get. The programm we use is emarcadero c++ builder. I


  • I would suggest to overcome this problem, and to stop your game having problems later down the line (mainly flickering) that you abandon the pictureboxes now.

    You should learn to draw directly on the form, it's not just a lot quicker and more reliable than using pictureboxes, but it also allows you to use the form_keypress event for your controls.

    I would recommend reading the small article in the first link to understand the basis of how it works, then use the code in the 2nd link to help guide you to drawing full pictures directly to the form.
    HTH, Dai

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  • thanks for the help, got it working.
  • thanks for the help, got it working.
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