Small help needed

I'll show u a part of my code. plz help me out.

Package aaa;
It has two java classes.
1) class a(
2) class b(

The output of class a is a String s;
I want to use this String s in class

Can u help me write the code.?

Thanks in advance.


  • For example this way:
    [b]package ptCCV;

    public class a
    public String s="abcd";
    [b]package ptCCV;

    public class b
    public b()
    a oa=new a();
  • Thanks a lot!!! :)
  • It says "non-static variable op cannot be referenced from a static context".

    op is the name of the variable i used. In ur example it is s.
  • I use this way:

    [b]package ptCCV;

    public class cmain
    public static void main(String[] args)
    b ob=new b();

    Maybe I did not understand what you need? Let me know if you have questions!
  • This post has been deleted.
  • Hello, post here your code ... so it's easier to tell what's wrong with it..
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