Basic is a great language.

Those folk who look in here who use Basic for their applications, already know what a superb language it is.

The folk who haven't tried it, don't know what they're missing.

The language you choose is a life changing thing. It is the means by which you make a living maybe, or just express yourself by programming for fun.

Basic is great for hobby programmers - but can be equally useful for technical and commercial applications.

I've used Fortran, Algol, Delphi, and various dialects of Basic.

I even got paid once for an educational program I did in Visual Basic 5 - but that's unusual.

For more years than I care to think about, I made my living from Fortran. A good language, but compared to Basic, completely useless as far as user interface and graphics goes.

I'm convinced in my later years, that Basic is the winner - and I might just try to prove it ..

best wishes,



  • One of the best computer languages of all time!!..
  • Ooh ! another Basic user .. :-)

    Nice to meet you Alex.

  • How true:
    I program in HotBasic.
    Which Basic are you folks using?

    PS: In these phForums, is there a way to get 'instant email notication'?..ta
  • Hi vmars,

    I've not tried HotBasic, but the syntax looks a bit clumsy.

    It also seems to use dialog windows instead of just normal windows, and I can't see any signs of 2D and 3D graphics facilities.

    Still it might be OK when you get used to it - people's preferences vary a lot.

    I use a pair of related languages which have been in use for 10 years, so they're well tested. The smaller version Creative Basic, is good for development, using the 'edit-run-edit' method of an interpreter, which also produces .exe files. This has excellent debugging facilities.

    The other version is a professional standard compiler called IWBasic.

    Both have 2D and 3D graphics facilities, as well as multimedia and database facilities.

    You can check them out at

    Best wishes,


  • The other version is a professional standard compiler called IWBasic.

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  • Basic is the base for today's languages.
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