liberty basic interpriter

I want to creat a programming language with liberty basic but I don't
quite know how. I know how to make the commands and convert them into basic but I don't know how to get the program to anylise the user input from the textbox and figure out the valid commands. In simpler talk I can't get the computer to read the input. Somebody please please


  • Okay so you have your syntax figured out but now you need the interpreter
    to work. I recommend instead of using your own interpreter to write the code you create a separate editor to save the code into a text file.
    After that use a command line program to get the file location and run the text file into the interpreter.
    'Find file loc.
    print "please type the file location!"
    input ""; fileloc$
    if fileloc$ = "" then filelocation$ = fileloc$
    open fileloc$ for input as #interpret

  • This post has been deleted.
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