Beginner Programmer here

Hi there, my name is mike and i am new to this site. I am a sophmore in High School and i want to get into programming. I have heard of a few languages to try first but i need some suggestions from experienced programmers. I am thinking of possibly just biting the bullet and buying C++ for dummies, but i do not know if that is realistic. Maybe it is, what is your opinion?

Thank you


  • Really, all the info you need is online. Don't blow money on books just yet. Especially when your just starting out. I'm still just a newbie so I hesitate to give out too much advice.
  • Thats actually great advice. I was told to look into python before C++ and this is proving to work well so far, I found some free books on the internet, and so far its going pretty darn good. Alot less complicated that C++ lol =D
  • Thats how it worked for me too. Only it was Java.
  • Yea Java is really useful but I think it is abit too heavy for me still. Python is just easier to me, thats my opinion though
  • Hi Guys,
    I am new here. I am always looking for new opportunity to learn. I hope, I would prove to be a productive member.
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