CE 5 disabling CPU speed limit - via registry?

Hi there

I had a seach and nothing came up.

I have an IPAQ 314 PNA running windows CE 5.

It has a "feature" where if the USB charger is connected the CPU speed (SiRF Titan ARM11 Dual-Core Processor 600MHz) is throttled from a maximum 600MHz to a maximum 300MHz.

Actual CPU clock speed is adjusted by load.

Is it possibly to change something in the registry that means the CPU max clock speed is 600MHz when powered by USB?

[The device throttles the CPU speed during USB charging to reduce the current consumption to max 500mA@5V. I will make all the nessesary hardware and cooling arrangements to run at 600MHz up to XmA at 5V]

Thanks for any help in removing my CPU restriction :)


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