Mailboxes vs Message queues

Hi all,
I wanted to check, which is the best option to make two different threads interact. Lets say i have 2 task A_task and B_task. A is at highest priority to B_task. Lets say i have to send few data parameters from A to B.

there are 2 approaches
1. send message to queue and maintain message queue.
2. Have data in global memory, post only mail box and the receiving thread needs to pick up pointer from mail box and retrieve data from shared global memory.

under what constraints, conditions, do we need to approach
1. Message queues
2. Mailboxes


  • Adding further,
    i wanted
    1. latency difference between Msg queue and Mailbox.
    2. Assuming 1 Multi-Core Processors having two cores A and B, which one should be used.
    a. between cores, which is best way to communicate.
    b. within core and between its threads, best way to communicate
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