!!!!Super Confusing Visual Basic 2010 Issue!!!!

When i set a image in a picturebox ( either as background or image, doesn't matter) and then run the program... the image appears zoomed in and cut off almost as if the image crops itself. I HAVE TRIED MULTIPLE IMAGES IN EVERY TYPE (JPEG, BITMAP, PNG, GIF etc), I HAVE NO CODE!! SIMPLY A PICTUREBOX WITH AN IMAGE IN IT. please help thank you.

Visual Basic 2010 Express


  • Try changing the properties of the picture box.

    [color=Blue]Image1.Stretch = False
    Image1.Picture = LoadPicture("c:image.bmp")
    Image1.Stretch = True
    Image1.Move 0, 0, Image1.Width / 2, Image1.Width / 2[/color]

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