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I am new to programming and I was wondering if anybody could help me out. I am using Bloodshed, and these two problems are really giving me a tough time, I cannot figure them out. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I am to write a function prototype for both of these...

1. A function named check() that has three parameters. The first parameter should accept an integer number, and the second and third parameters should accept variables of type double. The function returns no value.

2. A function named findAbs() that accepts a integer passed to it and returns a double.


  • [color=Blue]So, did you search anything on the web?
    Prototype in C++ may be in the following form:
    (, , etc. ) ;
    Here ai an example of function called [b]foo[/b] - it takes one [italic]integer[/italic] parameter and returns a [italic]double[/italic] value:
    [code]double foo (int);[/code]
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  • once you've got the requirement... just apply C++ to it. what keyword can you use that is in effect "empty?"

    1) void check(int, double, double);

    2) double findAbs(int);
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