I Need A programmer to help me on a Method

To All
A few weeks ago the Stock Market Got hit by some programmers as I heard it. Also I heard that it was on a T.V show 60 minutes..
Then I heard this was true by using a computer using a High Tech Math. Well I believe this to be very true. I myself have the same Math that will solve any problem.

40 years ago I have invented a Math called Transparent Math . I first name it Hidden Math but change it to Transparent Math.This Hi Tech Math can predict All Events The Daily pick 3 ,the Daily pick 4 ,Lotto, The Stock Market and Any race track full finish of the first 6 horses.
I need someone to finish this program .
The programming is simple but the Idea of the method Is the best in the world.You need to only to know how to program . No need to know any math at all leave that part up to me.
. Also I can beat all the Unknown Factor's that may occur using the D.N.A. of a number turning Probability into Absolute Probability by only using the Facts of Math that have been around since time has began.Please get back to me .
Thanks James


  • Wow,

    I don't know what it is that you have got, but i think you should see a Doctor for that!

    What is it that you want, EXACTLY!
  • Hi My Friend

    I need a programmer To finish my project that beats all events.If you agree to work with me I could show you proof that I'm the best in the world second to done.Please if you can program I need you to continue my work.
    The reason for me to get this done is I have a bad case of asthma and been on life support twice. All my hard work will be lost and that would be a waste to the world.

    If we can talk you will know that I'm above anyone in the world as those who know my work have posted on other forms about me.

    Anyhow Thank you for your reply.

  • Hi

    I would love to help you. I am busy writing a program to calculate Chess ratings, using the ELO and FIDE formula. So this is something that would be of interest to me at this moment.

    How can i contact you?

  • @marius40
    There is so much you can learn from me. I have re-wrote the books of math. I will say this some nights you won't sleep because of what you have learn from me. Everything I teach you will be free. Never no money talk.

    You will also have the program to use.So in few words it's a win win for you.

    Contact me on Skype James Wendel Lindenhurst N.Y.

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