Differences between C and C++...

I've had someone tell me that I really don't know C++...which is probably fair. He claimed that someone from C could come in thinking s/he has a handle on C++ but only knows the syntax and basic OOP.

Okay, so what don't I know that every C++ noob (from C) should know? I know about C++, but what design principles, philosophies, etc. Am I missing?

PS: I know this site is dead and dying, but I need to stop making accounts all across the internet and start using the ones I have.


  • [color=Blue]All one needs in C++ is basic OOP - all the other crap C++ has is of no use. It only hides the code and makes life miserable.

    Learn templates - they are a good addition to basic OOP, but that is it. There are good tutorials on C++ on the web - Google for these. Example: Bruce Ekkel book I believe is a very good resource on how to think in C++. Also, get a book on design patterns - very much needed if you want to go professional in C++.

    Also, learn a bit of Assembler, because sometimes you need to see what some C++ statement does under the hood and if you disassemble that piece and understand it - it will help immensely.[/color]
  • Google is your friend:
    - http://www2.research.att.com/~bs/bs_faq.html#what-is
    - http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/big-picture.html#faq-6.8

    Personally, I use the design-patters, type-safety and other techniques in C++ that I do not enjoy working with C anymore (though I never needed any assembly).

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