i need help...

im new to this forum and quite new to pascal..
i have soon an exam, but i still cant figure some parts out..
i hope someone can explain it simply to me the following code..

the program should do the next..take out all EVEN numbers in the array(without a helping array)..

procedure EVENOUT(n:integer; var m:integer; var a:array);
var i:integer;
if odd(n)
then m:=n div 2+1
else m:=n div 2;
for i:=2 to m do
a[i] := a[2*i-1]

hope someone can explain it to me, the whole odd and div thing :)


  • I'll explain some of what goes on in this procedure.
    Odd is a boolean function in Pascal that determines
    whether an integer is either [b]odd[/b](TRUE) or
    [b]even[/b](FALSE). Div is the [b]integer[/b] form of division
    whereas / is the [b]real[/b] form.
    Now, what the rest of the procedure does is a head
    scratcher. Why not take a few numbers and try them
    out to see what happens.

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