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im making a c++ app to generate html and i need it to check the html code that it gathers off the internet from the link provided and see if the link is broken, if theres theres nothing on the other end of the link, or something like that... I had to do one like this before but i honestly have no clue how. Any help?


  • Which environment are you programming for?
  • C++ and usually use codeblocks and my sdk sorta stuff. I know how to program but im horrible at termonology :P
  • This post has been deleted.
  • Sorry, I didn't explain myself. I mean: Windows, Linux, MFC, etc.
  • When you would use Qt Creator (free to use for personal use, supported on many platforms), you could use a QWebView widget. I have used it in my own tool CodeToHtml: . You can view the source code as a web page there as well, but because QWebView 'just works' there is not much code reading/writing to/from it.
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