Qbasic program Yatzy

Well, i just want to share a game i made when i was arround 15 years old.. (35 now)
This game, maxy yatzy is just 1 of 5 program I intergratet together. but i just for now send the yatzy.bas file.

Regards Alf Tonny


  • Ok time to load upload filmbase. (one of the other program interated)

    With movibase, i hade addidtionals 5 programs integrated.
  • To make those program work together i had a manu program to collect them. and one setup file to setup user, and the days you wantet to borrow your items, and cost.

  • Well here is the rest of my program i started to make when i was 15 years. I remember i did not completed it then, so i stared program again in 2001, to complete the program mostly, but still there are some thing i don't have completed yet, and you have to excuse the bad English.

    future more, I had some planes to make the program easy to translate, so you can find some code line that not realy active. The plan was to make a TXT file there all text line for all program was, and simply make a small translate program there all the word came up, and the user just translated it to there language. (but that is allot of work, and all the programs have to be rewritten to adapt.

    I also guess you will find some bugs here and there.

    Well, thats all for now, I hope you will enjoy it. and enjoy the nostalgia this programing gives you..;)

    Regards Alf Tonny B
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