Looking for some advice

Hi guys
Im hoping somone can help me im just starting out to learn programming and im pretty unsure about where to get the best info. I have done some research and come up with a book called

C++ Primer by Stephen Prata

Its not cheap but it seems to have some great reviews. I did a little programming in college but nothing i really remember so i think this might be the one for me. Can anyone suggest any alternatives or give me some feedback on this book and where i would start my journey to learn c++. I belive c++ is the best language to start on although any feedback on this would be appreciated too.
Thanks alot


  • I think it's fair to get a good book which has passing reviews...

    If you are doing this for hobby/fun, I'd say just teach yourself. There really is a bunch of information on getting to programming all over the internet that's free.

  • Your local college (i'm in the UK) will have night corses for adult learners these can be a great learning tool as they make you do the work if sometimes your doing it for fun learning from the internet you can lose focus and drive but they can be expensive so you have to way up your options. If its for fun as the the last commenter said prob best not to pay loads as alot can be found for free but if its for a career change then maybe to cost will be a good insentive, plus you'll have a qualification at the end for your CV.
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  • Yeh thats the thing, as i am not currently working i cannot afford to take a course however i am now studying the book and some other net info such as learncpp.com which has some great tutorials. So im hoping that will get me through.
    Thanks for all your replys and any further info / pointers to get more leraning materials would be greta
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