how to convert .pyc files to .py files in python


i am new to python , currently i want to decompile a python project and make changes
that project doesnt have any .py files it contains .pyc files
for that i have to convert .pyc files to .py files
so how can i do that
any suggestions to this issue kindly help me


  • Hello,

    2 things:

    1. Make sure the project that you have is OK with you changing their software, otherwise what you're doing is illegal.

    2. I found a couple of places where this could be done, but one is not free if the files are over 5kb.

    DePython is an online service which will do this, but only up to Python 2.5, and costs some money after 5kb.

    UnPyc supports 2.6 as well, but some people say it doesn't work. I've never needed to use the tool, so I'm not sure.

    Hope it helped!

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