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Hello everyone. I have just joined this forum to seek advice.
I have worked with embedded systems for about 15 years: 8/16/32 bit microprocessors, with small RTOS, e.g. Keil for ARM, mainly using C and Assembler.
I have been out fo the market for about three years and want to get back in.
I think the knowledge I have is slightly out of date. I need to skill up on either Linux or Windows embedded (or similar).
How do you suggest I get started on this? I am really at a loss here and am asking quite seriously.
I am more familiar with Windows, having designed web sites using c#, asp net for a few years too, so perhaps windows embedded would make sense.
How should I start? One route is to go back to college for a while, but I don;t really have the time or resources.
Perhaps there is some hardware I can buy, and a good book, and just get going?
Has anyone else faced these challenges (moving from the old to the new).
Any serious help / advice / pointers would be appreciated.


  • Books would not be necessary since you are expirence as you said, a fresh hardware kit would be my suggestion, like the OK6410 kit from [link=][/link], $139 for a ARM11 kit and a 4.3" LCD, plus BSP for the latest Linux, WinCE, Android! I would say it is pretty nice. Check it out [link=][/link]
  • With 15 years of "REAL" experience it shouldn't take too long for you to get back "INTO" the job. People were using 8 bit controllers in 90's and they are still being used. So even if you are out of the market for some period fundamentals haven't changed much. The case may be you just need to brush up things. Rather than going to college (IMHO not required in your case) it would be good idea to buy some evaluation kit and develop small project. I would recommend visiting Microchip (8/16/32 bit) and Atmel (8/32 bit) websites for quick glance....covers wide range of evaluation kits with free compilers and lot of code examples to begin with. Apart from that you can use questions posted on forums like these to revise your knowledge.

    Can not comment on Windows as I haven't used it...but open source is POPULAR...also check micrium if interested in revising RTOS

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