I feel like an idiot. VB2005

I knew this once but haven't used it for a bit of a while so I forgot.
It's really simple, I know it is, and that's probably why I can't find it ANYWHERE on the internet.

So anyway, all I need is the syntax to save a label/text box/whatever to a sequential access .txt file. But its not a table or anything. Its just something that's in a label. I can't recall the method for the life of me.

I've found some stuff using IO online, but it's not working. Besides, whatever it was definitely wasn't the method I recall.


  • Nevermind. I really AM an idiot. I looked through prior coding. Past projects.

    my.computer.filesystem.writealltext(whatever the arguments were)

    also this is future reference for anyone that wants it that can't find it, or myself in case I ever do this again. It saves only .txt files though.
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