database query

tables in access

car (carno Primary key ,name ,type ,cost ,qty ,remark )
sales(carno ,noofcars ,date )

1.print the cars which are fast moving cars i.e fastest selling cars.

pl show me query in access to find fastest selling cars.


select * from car where carno=(select carno from sales where sum(num)=(select max(sum(num)) from sales group by carno) group by carno)



  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    SELECT Car.*, B.Qty FROM
    (SELECT Carno, SUM(Qty) AS Qty FROM Sales GROUP BY CarNo) AS B
    INNER JOIN Car ON B.CarNo = Car.CarNo
    ORDER BY B.Qty Desc

    This will return all of the car's and their respective total sales in order of Most sold to least sold. The first record should be the most Quantity sold car.
  • thanks bro!!
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