lets make a game , calling all newbies!!



  • Hey I have a idea I'm making a video game called Hybrid Chaos it's a RPG I wnat on the

    Ps3 also I was thinks that work on this would be cool if itls ok with everbody

    also the team name is Evolution Dragon Studios
  • Do you want to use the PS3 APIs or develop it in Linux? I have a playstation 3 that I've done a little programming for. I haven't ever used the Sony API, I've always used Linux.
  • I'm really excited about your idea! I'm still beginning in game programming and I'm using XNA3.1 VB. Actually it's a college course and I'm forced to take it =="
  • nice information thank you i also want to learn :)

  • games are good for mind to relax and to entertain yourself. games play important role in humans life. game makes tension go away

  • im just started learning but I can help

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